Cape Town-Robertson

Today is the big day: our exciting South African adventure is getting started. And it’s being launched in the best possible way, with a toast (strictly no wine, alas, as we’re driving) at one of the famed wine estates around Cape Town. Our first day on the road unfolds among the vineyards of a region quite aptly called Winelands. Our tractors are right at home here. Down here it’s Autumn, a season that is supposed to be all about rain and mists, but feels like high summer. It must be 30 degrees. It’s been too hot, and far too dry, for years. And it’s not just the farmers who are concerned, even cities as large as Cape Town have been forced to strictly limit water consumption. The great dams and reservoirs at the foot of the mountains have run dry. But the scenery is beautiful. And at the end of the day we have to come to the rescue of a big lorry that skidded off the road, no big deal for our powerful McCormicks. What a wonderful start to our adventure!

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