Today we are entitled to one last, indulgent rest day – our schedule henceforth won’t allow for any more. We savour it, filling it with peaceful routine activities we actually don’t feel like doing all that much, as it’s always the case when there’s not much to do and even the little there is feels like a chore. We do a little grocery shopping, the laundry (inevitably, otherwise we would have had to pack up a closetful of clothes), a quick clean up of the support vehicles, a nap… A few enthusiasts gather the enerrgies to go have a look at the renowned 95 meter high Howick waterfalls. According to legend, a giant snake-like monster dwells in the churning waters at the foot of the falls, which is why it’s only safe for medicine men to come close. No monsters having turned up when we visit, we can go back to the hotel unfazed. Ready for a well-deserved lazy afternoon.

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