The new drivers who joined us yesterday are going to be sorely tested today. We are having breakfast at 6.15 and leave as soon as we possibly can because we’ll be running on a tight schedule. We have a meeting with the local farming community in Hoopstad at 12 PM and that’s 150 km away. It will be to be a close call. This is Luca, Samuele and Mauro ‘s first day driving a tractor on a busy road – today we’ll have to stick to tar roads, following the most direct route. It’s lucky that Radio Xtractor, the expedition’s official voice, is there, with dj Gippi (a veteran driver) to give valuable advice to the new guys. Thanks to his instructions we get to our first appointment ahead of time. We’re off after tasting the day’s first braai, headed to Bothaville and a second meeting. More tar and satisfactions. We get to the second venue perfectly on time. The new drivers have passed the test with flying colors!

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