We have a wonderfully satisfying morning today. It’s Sunday and we have the very welcome opportunity of visiting a township, a community where black South Africans live. We have been invited to meet the congregation of the Kingdom Worship Centre, a Christian group that engages with children in need, such as street kids and orphans. We are happy to meet them andand hand out t-shirts, soccer balls and backpacks that have been donated by BKT for this very purpose. The kids take their leave from us with a song, but what really makes us happy is watching them play with their new soccer balls. Then it’s back to the motel where we are staying, which is on the outskirts of town, adjacent to a petrol station. We enjoy a quiet, lazy afternoon – a bit of laundry, a dash to the mall, a nap. A day at leisure once in a while is just what the doctor ordered.

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