Prieska -Kakamas

We are fortunate that rain actually came last night to wash away some of the mud. We have to set off very early today as we’ll have to cover more than 280 km along gravel riads,which to us translates into 8-9 hours at the wheel. This is our third day in the Karoo, the by now familiar arid plain which has turned almost green thanks to the rain it has been receiving over the past few days. The old telegraph poles along the road are garlanded with huge nests where up to 200 little birds are housed, condominium -style, in separate units with separate entrance holes. We are having a picnic lunch today, so as not to waste too much time. We stop in the shade of a park in the centre of a small town, and as always within ten minutes the local police arrive, followed suit by locals quite. understandably wondering what is going on. A lady driving by stops her car to welcome us and enquire whether we have already been offered coffee. She would most probably have been prepared to invite a dozen psrfect strangers to her home, had we accepted. We are once again amazed by how hospitable South Africans are. We make a rather grand entrance in Kakamas, alight with a gorgeouse setting sun. A trail of we!come boards set up by the local McCormick dealer leads us to his premises, where Christian has arranged drinks for the team and a thorough washing for the tractors – most welcome treats we were not expecting. Thank you South Africa, over and over again!

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