Xtractor Around the World is meant as an exciting adventure aimed at raising awareness about some of the most burning issues of our time, such as safeguarding the environment, using resources responsibly, sustainability, nutrition and health. Central to all is the relationship binding humankind and nature, an ancestral tie based on the land.


And this is why Xtractor’s journeys are undertaken by tractor.


Our partners in the Xtractor adventure will be McCormick, providers of the machines, and BKT who fit them with their tires.


After successfully tackling Australia, Xtractor’s tractors are revving up their engines to start on a discovery tour of South Africa along 6,000 km to be covered in 55 days, which is sure to be yet another thrilling adventure playing out across an incredibly rich and diverse tapestry of landscapes, nature parks and wildlife reserves, enhanced by an extraordinary ethnic and cultural heritage.


A team of very special drivers are driving the tractors, men and women belonging to the Foresters and 1st Regiment “Tuscania” Carabinieri Corps whose expertise and knowledge will help us look deeper into the environmental themes and to carry out Xtractor’s mission.


Amref, Africa’s largest health charity which Xtractor is supporting, will give us the opportunity to leave a tangible sign of Xtractor’s visit to South Africa. We will have the opportunity of putting our tractors to good use laying out a community vegetable garden for a maternal clinic, and a soccer field for school kids to play, exercise and put into practice the healthy living guidelines they are taught in class.


Xtractor’s adventures in Africa can be enjoyed live on social media, through daily video updates and special contents, and much more. They will feature in a docu-reality TV series to be produced in the Autumn.