Witnessing our planet’s immense and fragile beauty.

Adventure, exploring the role of technology in agriculture and a keen interest in the great environmental issues of our time – this is what Xtractor, the ambitious world tour by tractor, is all about.


According to the UN, world population might reach 9 billion by 2050, over three times the figure a century before. Will our planet have the resources to support them all? And at what cost, after decades of a tumultuous development that failed to take into account the environment’s delicate balance, thus jeopardizing our very survival?


We need to forge a more respectful relationship with nature from now on, and to renew our covenant to the Earth, the Mother that gives us life, in the sign of sustainability. Just as the Milan Expo was coming to a close in 2015, the United Nations launched Agenda 2030, a call to action on these very issues – how to feed humankind and foster its progress in a sustainable and respectful way, without incurring in the errors of the past.


As ambassadors of this new-found awareness, Xtractor’s red tractors will guide us on a thrilling and adventurous discovery tour of Mother Earth, closing up on the natural world and the myriad facets of agriculture across the continents. Looking for answers to the paradoxes of development in the countryside, off the beaten track, moving at the slow pace of nature.